About us

Georgian One Belt One Road Business House is a non-governmental organization under which a number of successful companies are united. Georgian One Belt One Road Business House was registered in January 2018 in Georgia. With the support of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the organization was founded in China too. The founders of this organization are Bekar Mikaberidze and Huang YuZhen.

Bekar Mikaberidze, the founder and head of the Business House has been already working in China more than 18 years. He has graduated from Tianjin University and was awarded bachelor’s and master’s Degrees in Chinese Studies. In 2017 Bekar Mikaberidze was elected as an official representative of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.

Georgian One Belt One Road Business House unites 25 countries and it has 7 main directions:

  1. Import
  2. Export
  3. Produce
  4. Travel
  5. Media
  6. New Technology Product Invention and its Support
  7. Business House

The companies unified under the Business House successfully operate in Chinese or Georgian markets. These companies are: “Tiangbei Ltd”, “Xingfu International Trading, Import-Export Company”, “Zhon Ji Ya Import-Export Ltd”, “Zhon ji Ya Tourism Ltd”, ” Zhon Ji Ya Media Ltd”,” Zhon Ji Ya Science and Technology Ltd”.