Business House

The first Business House is located in Guangzhou in front of the Huadu Government House. It combines Georgian culture, history, traditions, Georgian wine culture, Georgian cuisine, Georgian and foreign natural products, startups of young Georgian and foreign inventors. Business House consists of about 50 Georgian products. The guests of the business House can share the culture and traditions of Georgian wine as well as taste Georgian cuisine, discover Georgian museum and acquire 500 Georgian products. The second business house is located in the center of Guangzhou, Yuexiu district, “One Link" plaza where is situated a permanent exhibition space of 25 countries on the 8th floor. The visitors will be able to purchase the products of different countries, learn their culture, tourism, investment
environment, etc. There is a Georgian restaurant and wine culture department on the 9th floor. The third business house is located in Shunde district of Foshan City. It is planned to open up to 100 similar business houses in the last 10 years, with the main goal of promoting products, tourism, cuisine and culture of 25 countries along the New Silk Road throughout China.